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First major weaving commission

Weaving commission completed by Dunja Roberts at All in a spin

First major weaving commission

July 16, 2017

It’s been another busy period at Pen Y Caeau Farm, with the last push to get the All in a spin studio completed.  And hurray, it finally is!  The builders came for their last day not long ago, and apart from a few ‘snags’ to sort out, they have finished.  They had been with us for over four years on and off, working on various projects on the farmhouse and buildings so it will seem a little quiet without them initially but I am looking forward to concentrating fully on All in a spin now, without having to project manage and make endless cups of tea each day.

commission blanket_sm copy 2.jpg

More about the studio in a future post, but today I want to share these photos of my first major weaving commission, which has just gone to its new, delighted owner.  I tuned my Toika Eeva floor loom especially for this project as I needed a wide loom to accommodate sleying a 1 metre width.  It’s a blanket/shawl woven from hand spun Welsh Badgerface Torddu  fleece.  I had the commission to spin the fleece last winter and the shawl is going to be used for Anglo Saxon reenactments.  So although I threaded four shafts I actually wove plain weave, which is correct for the period.  It’s a lightweight piece and it fulled beautifully to form a fabric with plenty of drape with body.  It just goes to show that handspun yarn can be used perfectly well in warp and weft - this was spun longdraw and two plied - not especially for weaving, as at the time of spinning its end use had not been decided.