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Lambing 2017

Lambing at Pen Y Caeau Farm

Lambing 2017

April 4, 2017

All the preparations have been made and we are now in full swing lambing the main flock.  The weather has smiled so far and it’s all going well.  Over 50 lambs have been born in the last three days, that’s almost a quarter of the crop.  The ewes are in excellent condition and those which have delivered triplets are producing enough milk to rear them, so far anyway.  Although it’s very cute to have bottle fed, or cade, lambs, it’s actually far better for the lambs to be reared by their own mother.  

Brian’s even been managing to get a few hours of sleep each night, which helps him to keep going during the day.  My main job in the lambing shed is to clean out and disinfect each pen in between use.  So that’s 130 odd pens to clean out!  This year I have invested in a back support, which I wore for the first time yesterday.  It made a huge difference to supporting my back so I hope this year I won’t need to visit the osteopath to be put back into shape after lambing!

We are looking forward to welcoming our lambing course students this weekend and early next week.  They always have a great time - 24 hours spent immersed in real life lambing, with all the theory to go along with it.  Plus lovely accommodation in Weaver’s Cottage and plenty of home cooked food.  It’s lovely to think that the knowledge and experience we share with people is going to result in their own animals being well looked after in the future.  There are two places left on the course on April 10-11 in case you are interested.

Our Clun’s are being particularly fruitful - here’s one with a lovely set of triplets.Clun Forest triplets