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My travels to Devon

Exotic Fibres workshop with the Devon Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers

My travels to Devon

October 24, 2017

Last weekend I was honoured to be invited to judge the annual spinning and weaving challenge at the Devon Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers.  With a membership of around 120 this Guild is really thriving and is one of three Guilds in the county.

The standard was very high and I was thrilled to see a great variety of styles of work from both beginners and experienced craftspeople.  It was SO hard to choose winners because each and every entry had things to commend it, but decide I must so I just went by my trusty list of criteria.  At times like this it helps that I am a tutor and assessor and can  put aside my own preferences and decide dispassionately.  I was touched that some of the entrants were almost in tears to win their categories.  And a huge well done to EVERYONE.

On Sunday I ran an Exotic Fibres workshop for the spinners in the Guild.  We experimented with a range of natural, regenerated and synthetic fibres, mixing and blending as well as spinning them ‘pure’.  We had some lively conversation about the pros and cons of different fibres, myths were exploded and preconceptions changed.  Spinning different fibres really helps to improve your spinning skills, even if you return to your favourites after the experiments.  I love the fact that as spinners we can never know it all, there is always something to be gained from pushing the boundaries and leaving our comfort zone for a while.

Everyone on the workshop made a number of record cards containing their notes and samples which will be a good resource for the future.  

Thank you for having me Devon Guild, you were great hosts and I look forward to meeting many of you again in the future.

Spinning exotic fibres